Care Algorithm, Routine, as a foundational simplified list

Alleviating Methylene Bridge Cysteine and assuring Methylene Bridge availability otherwise

This document presents a way of indefinite sustainability of optimal physiology, behavior and outcomes through ascertainment of the empirical causal factors and causal linkages which includes, followed by ascertaining how these factors cause diminished outcomes and including these causal maps as priorities in face, funding, diagnostics, rehabilitation, continuous monitoring and improvement, and acknowledging of these factors as a priority in social constructs, decisions, procedures, guidelines, algorithms, and routines while preventing objectives, quotas, goals, budgeting our outcomes which allow benefit to be obtained from diminished outcomes, or which require or cause detrimental outcomes. These seem to be most empirically consistent with the golden apple priorities of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness upon which liberty systems, one most pragmatic civilization such priorities in particular, have been founded with systems and activities of such civilization being the silver frame through which the golden apple priorities of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness might achieved and assured.

Objectives in this regard is to manage methylene bridge cysteine to below 6 or7 um/L with a objective of near 3.7 um/L Methylene bridge pathways can begin with ethanolamine in the CDP-ethanolamine pathway, where PEMT packs methyl groups into phosphatidylethanolamine to produce hydride/methyl enriched phosphatidylcholine and resolution phase cytokine substrate enriched phosphatidylcholine. While methylene bridges enable DNA, RNA, NADP+/NADPH, Fatty acid, alkane or other essential polymerizations to occur, while also performing as antihistamines, autophagy promoters, and performing as and enabling synthesis of primary phospholipids of cellular physiology. The primary incipient factors in disease and detrimental aspects of aging include cellular existentialism challenges from inadequate enriched phosphatidylethanolamine and enriched phosphatidylcholine as well as the functions of antihistamines in the CDP-ethanolamine/PEMT pathways.

The factors here provide topical, ingestible, nutritional, clinical, mechanism that can be customized circumstantially to alleviated detrimental aspects of aging, enable regenerative repair, ameliorate disease of movement, cognition, cardiovascular plasticity, and impaired plasticity.

These factors can assist other therapies or replace some other therapies.

DHA enriched Phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylserine,Ca2+ and Ca2+ as part of a mineral supplement also, utilize diverse hexose sugars instead of glucose to circumvent P53 blockade of glut 1/3/4 endocytosis of sugar that occurs when PEMT is downregulate or injury causes P53 upregulation, Vitamin K2 to alleviate Ca2+ dysregulation, pomegranate extract for mitochondrial resilience, Phosphatidylinositol, collagen, laminin, DHA Enriched Phosphatidylcholine, Methyl shift, Hydride Shift, BHMT, BHMT2,Methione Synthase, s-methylmethionine sulfonium, methylsulfonylmethane, danshen/redsage/salviaM for transsulfuration pathway activation, INMT, THMT, s-adenosyl methionine, Active Hexose Correlated Compound and a Choline Kinase downregulator, Curcumin and SP1 downregulator with PD1/PDL1 downregulator, Berberine and a AP1 downregulator, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine, Selenium (trimethylselenonium, selenium conjugates such as Methylselenol or Methylselenic Acid) CRISPR CAS9 gene repair using transduction domains for complete coverage of all cellular entities, EMF protection, Filtered water,  trimethylsulfonium, Tetrahydrofolate methyltransferase obtainable as gastromend hp of BHMT2activation, PEMT, B6, B12, Selenonium, NOPE1, NOPE2,1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-phosphatidiylethanolamine, NAPE, anandamide and other n-acyl ethanolamines including PEA, OEA, NAE, AEA,DHEA/synaptamide/n-docosahexaenoylethanolamine, n-acetylethanolamine, complete mineral supplement with potassium/magnesium, 1/3 teaspoon of ancient pink Himalayan sea salt, DHA, EPA, Oleoylate, Trimethylglycine/Betaine/glycinebetain for BHMT1 activation, 6s 5678 tetrahydrofolate, Cystathionine for CBS pathway, N- palmitoylethanolamine, n-oleoylethanolamine, n-arachidonoylethanolamine, Nad+/NADH supplement, Hydrogen Supplement, Dimethylactothetin for desquamationand Cysteine bridge depletion, Nitric Oxide Donor, Math+/HAT therapy, N-acetyl L cysteine,  Indole 2 3 2oxygenasedownregulator such as moringa oliefera or Moringa Tea, kolaviron or kola berry extract, Methylene Blue or Methylene blue and phototherapy, iNOS inhibitor orcurcumin/irinotecan Lname/LNMMA, L-arginine, L-citrulline, L-ornithine, activated vitamin D, Ca2+, Enlyte/EnlyteRX, topical thioglycolic acid, 26 S proteosome inhibitor, 19 S proteosome inhibitor, BAG1 inhibitor, whole animalglandular supplement for agrin and matrix content, agrin grafts to cardiac and other tissue, laminin granules as designer proteins or granularized connective tissue/matrix from food organisms, granularized connective tissue/matrix, kidney stuff by golden standards, TMAO downregulation and Carotid Intima Mediaflow/plasticity assurance and leaky gut downregulation with 33dmb/tmaLyasedownregulator/RegularLaxative/Prebiotic/Probiotic(especially Bifido Infantis)/Postbiotic/Macrobiotic/BroadSpectrumAntibioticforEmergency/OliveOil/GrapeseedOil, A vitamin supplement that includes maximum levels of diverse plants/oils/sources, peroxiredoxin, glutathione, reduced glutathione,dimethylsulfide, Ethanolamine, molecular hydrogen, therapeutic nitric oxide, nose breathing to enhance nitric oxide production, S1P receptor down regulators,GSK3B inhibitor or Curcumin/watercress, monocyte chemoattractant Protein1 downregulatoror curcumin, GCPR receptor down regulators, bone powder along with methylsulfonylmethane also with agrin and also with whole organism glandular along withphosphatidylcholine for bone and marrow pathology, short duration nonstrenuous exercise using resistance, RNA/DNA nucleotide supplement, Ribose, Dimethylacetothetin to diminish methylene bridge cysteine, only ingest meat/chicken/eggs/fish if they are micronized/granularized and are ingested with probiotic/prebiotic/postbiotic/macrobiotic/oliveoil/balsamicvinager/grapeseedoil to prevent TMAO, always monitor for and counteract for L lactate/L lactic acid and D lactate/D lactic acid, orexins are factors that elute consciousness often assisted by stimuli in the environment that perform as a frame to keep conscious focus and sustain arousal. Phosphatidylethanolamine and its configurations, supplementally, diminish appetite because the methylene bridges in phosphatidylethanolamine have emerged as the principal impetus for obtaining pervasive nutritional factors, such that new phosphatidylethanolamine and the two methylene bridges in ethanolamine which is an essential nutrient, replace and join existing recycled methylene bridges because these can deteriorate like the posts in a battery. A principal reason that vitamins and phytonutrients are preferred factors in nutrition is that phytonutrients provide redox factors and supply resources that perform as current in physiology.

Hydration is essential in Human physiology, particularly because CH2 which translates energy, current, hydride and excited electrons into polymerization potential, energy molecules, alkanes, other fatty acids, linkages of DNA nucleotides, linkages of RNA nucleotides, the extents of fatty acids and even the molecular domains of NADPH molecules, interacts with the hydration or solvation shell which participates in the CH2 sequestration of energy molecules by producing a specialized and optimal environment from about 70 to about 10 or more encapsulating molecules of water and up to 25 or more angstroms away from the surface of a molecule exhibiting CH2. Polar lipids such as phospholipids and surfactants perform, also, the separation of the hydration sheaths encapsulating proteins and biologically activate molecules in a way that actively sequesters a space in the biome for biology to emerge, performing as caustic Quaternary ammonium molecules that produce a space in the biome for biology to emerge along with transfer of factors useful in biology from the abiotic phase into the biotic phase in correlation to the performance as a derivatization factor that elutes even more intricately useful factors from material that is already in the biotic phase. These caustic factors are the center of cellular biological structure and are utilized along with the cdp-ethanolamine pathway and the cdp-Choline pathway to clean industrial particulate and pollutants. Most interestingly, the solvation or hydration shell exhibits the diatomic molecule hydrogen, separated by oxygen, such that the energy required to keep these diatomic molecules separated constitutes a potential that biological molecules and proteins can utilize.

The alkalinity promoted by these systems comprise a spooky system of underconsidered special effects that are essential to biology. Alkanes cause amino acids such as methionine to exhibited enzymic function, while hydride can be released as fluorescent environmental current, fluorescent light and 2 eV- of current, Carbocation rearrangements release similar influence without abdicating the Hydride, performing as on and off circuit similarly to a light switch. Atoms in a defined space perform as other atoms required for essential biological interactions Electrons move across space just in time to enable particular essential atoms or molecules to be comprised. Molecules share the influence of atoms that are not connected to them and even exhibit hydridic influence and carbocations across space with nonconnected molecules. Importantly, these special effects affect the spin of electrons, the mobility of monocytes, the activity in tissues, and are essential to comprising the near 7.2 to near 7.6 alkaline background pH which enables consciousness and conscious cognitive function.

Hydride is a universes level version of Hydrogen in which an excited electron has become integrated into hydrogen resulting H2e1p or H2e1PCH2 when integrated into a methylene bridge, although H2e1PCH2 is an intricate way of representing CH3 or a methyl group. Hydride is a source of energy that fuels celestial Stars of the Universes and participates in a universes level hydridic fuel. Everything that organisms nutritionally obtain provide vitamins, nutrients, and hydride or participate in producing or managing hydride cycling, particularly methylene bridges which translate current, hydride or energy, including electrons, but particularly excited electrons, all into structure. Hydride is related in mitochondrial electron transport pathway, oxidative phosphorylation, cellular respiration, redox transactions or carbocation rearrangements within a molecule or between molecules as 2eV-, fluorescent light, or potentials such that the environment affected by such release becomes excited and can exhibit activity against foundational environmental and biological gradients such as the enzyme activity that prioritizes programing of physiology and metabolism over environmental gradients. Cellular membranes enriched in phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine enriched with DHA, extended arachidonic acid, Oleoylate, palmitate, omega-3 and ether linked fatty acids, are super resolution phase molecules that also insulate and trap hydridc energy while metals in cellular metabolism exchange energy with external permanent magnet energy environmental systems along with potentiation of generating hydride from the photoelectric effect through integration with photons.  The insulation produces potentials such as mitochondrial potentials, or other subcellular compartment potentials, while ch3 packed into the lead groups of phosphatidylethanolamine to produce enriched phosphatidylcholine results in capacitant influence that exudes into the extracellular environment to produce a background pH of 7.2 to 7.6 which causes spooky, angular, quantum aspects of biology that makes physiology resilient, sustainable, and stable. Methylene bridge cysteine deteriorates these by sequestering hydrdic resources, causing atypical polymerization, disrupting signaling, deactivation biologically active molecules, causing apoptosis and deteriorating structural energetics used for atom to atom, quantum and other interactions. Potentials in this regard at mitochondrial levels, hundreds in each cellular entity, and at other subcellular compartments, including at cellular levels, interact with these conditions to comprise capacitance, consciousness, beingness, cognition, control, conditioning, and other aspects of social behavior. Stimuli, learning, environmental cues, and other factors also shape such capacitant fields beginning with Agrin activity in cooperation with hydridic fields that begin to interact with the environment when physiology is comprised of asl low as 2, 4 or eight cellular entities. Although haploid cellular entities interact with the expansiveness of the universes before conception, at conception this interaction becomes a unitized formative consciousness that emerges developmentally in the complex consciousness and capacitant fields observed in more advanced development. These capacitant fields are essential in comprising neurological bases of social behavior, competent decisions making, self-determination of civilizations, groups, and individuals.

PEMT downregulation or impairment stimulates P53 which impedes the absorption of glucose by repressing GLUT glucose transporters, resulting in extracellular glucose accumulating to overstimulate beta cellular production of insulin in the hepatic, renal and pancreatic tissues with such increase that it can cause oxidative distress and cause beta cellular entities to dedifferentiate into cellular entity types of other tissues. Enriched phosphatidylcholine adequacy and IGF-1 availability can cause regeneration of Beta Cellular entities, particularly within renal tissues. The pentose phosphate pathway, hexose monophosphate shunt pathway, where 5 carbon sugars shuttled into the krebs cycle and nucleotide synthesis being, along with glycolysis where pyruvate for supply to diverse pathways including Acetyl-CoA for production of acetylcholine and supply to the krebs cycle, all are diminished by P53 resultant of injury, disease or downregulation of PEMT. P53 upregulation causes glucose to accumulate in circulation, changing glycosylation levels of hemoglobin monitored as HbA1c, which can be managed in diverse ways including using ancient pink Himalayan sea salt to stimulate sodium coupled choline transporters to upregulate choline availability, supplementation of dha enriched phosphatidylcholine or NOPE1 and NOPE2 as enriched phosphatidylethanolamine which PEMT uses to produce enriched phsophatidylcholine, or usage of diverse hexose sugars other than only glucose or any foods, drinks, sweeteners or as a supplement to enable hexose sugars other than glucose to reach the hexose monophosphate shunt and potentiate upregulaiton of glycolysis. Rubisco can also be utilized because it connects the hexose monophosphate shunt with the krebs cycle to supply 5 carbon sugars to the krebs cycle. P53 also causes intracellular glucose to be trapped in glycogen cycling that attaches glucose to amyloid fibrils for storage and then release these on demand during glucose inadequacy.  

Aquatic, atmospheric, environmental, and all manner of particulate have the potential to have similar cytokine production as detrimental nuances of EMF, although some vectors of EMF are therapeutic and some perspectives consider the photoelectric effect to be beneficial because it supplies excited electrons that may can be translated into DNA, RNA, fatty acids, CH3, and beneficial polymerization by CH2 methylene bridges, although EMF may hasten culmination of reactive molecular species cascades toward adverse behavior and adverse health events. Decreasing anatomical exposure to detrimental EMF, detrimental Atmospheric particulate, detrimental aquatic particulate, detrimental environmental particulate otherwise, including improved nutrition and natural or other therapeutics that assure PEMT, diminish cytokines that diminish PEMT and provide enriched phospholipids while diminishing methylene bridge cysteine and assuring new methylene bridge introduction into physiology. Pervasively, nuances of civilization, including particulate producing activity, are natural pathways that elute intangible or unobservable correlates or factors into ascertaining, understanding, and observability, resulting enhanced ability to sustain human health and improve human outcomes. These systematic processes are natural aspects of the universes and seem to have been intended to enable increasing human ability to assure the sustainment of the Human experience. Every source of power and every productive process may have nuances that must be managed in order to increasingly assure as complete productive and beneficial effect as possible, particularly as nuances of enhanced value at levels enabled by modern information technology systems, innovation and engineering. Human systems have an incipient impetus to continuously derive increasing value and benefit to Humans and Humanity.

These factors are more intricate than is presentable here, although glycine is known to be produced when these pathways are not being downregulated or impaired and although downregulated pyruvate from downregulated glycolysis amid pentose phosphate pathway downregulation produces three-pronged syndrome because inadequate nucleotides prevents inadequate methylene bridges from joining nucleotides together through polymerization potential of activated methylene bridges and inadequate nucleotides causes PARP signaling to occur for extended duration during the 1 million or more instances of DNA repair that occurs in every cellular entity within physiology until enough nucleotides and other DNA repair substrate have been recruited to the loci of repair. NAD+ is depleted during PARP signaling because the Ribose of NAD is removed by PARP to be distributed to molecules and materials in its vicinity resulting in a gradient upon which substrate for DNA repair can be recruited. The nicotinamide accumulates and is detoxified resulting in upregulation of methylene bridge cysteine while NAD+ depletion causes a gradient in which Pyruvate and NADH are directed toward lactate anion and NAD+ because this supplies substrate NAD+ for PARP signaling, all resulting in depletion of NAD and NADH along with diminishing the supply of NADH and supply of pyruvate that would otherwise be directed to other essential pathways. PARP, NADH and NAD+, all interact with confluence pathways that determine cellular division, migration and proliferation. Even if adequate methylene bridges such as ethanolamine are obtained, diverse hexose sugars seem to be essential in assisting gluconeogenic pathway production of glucose to assure adequate nucleotide and 5 carbon sugar synthesis, although PEMT adequate function seems to assist in stabilizing these metabolic and biosynthetic vectors.

Another essential aces is the overexpression of SP1 which has increased copy numbers resultant of its exhibition if G quadruplexes within Telomeres which is enhanced in proliferation because SP1 produces telomerase that adds telomeres to the end of each chromosome, enabling g quadruplex proliferation and increased level of SP1 expression when g quadruplexes are destabilized by inadequate availability of ions such as K+ in particular. SP1 inhibits PEMT, downregulates CD4+ and CD8+ which are essential for adaptive immunological function and cellular immunological function, while enhancing repression of PD1 and PDL1 which hide diseased or impaired cellular entities from T Cellular monitoring phases of the adaptive and cellular immunology synapse. SP1 counteracts AP1 downregulation of telomerase because AP1 downregulation of telomerase would otherwise cause diseased or impaired cellular entity lineages to more rapidly enter senescence and exit from mitosis and exit proliferation.

AP1 is also a downregulator of PEMT and is upregulated in numerous diseases, such that when SP1 prevents AP1 telomerase downregulation that would result in rapid senescence in diseased or impaired cellular entities, SP1 then enable also upregulation of the CDP-choline pathway, unfolded protein response, S1P receptor regulation. All of these factors differentially or constitutively upregulated by SP1 are allowed to occur while upregulated methylene bridge levels cause survival signaling to also become increased responsively to the massive deterioration of cellular entities caused by methylene bridge cysteine, resulting in eventual deterioration of mitochondrial potential and dissociation of the mitochondrial associate membrane that hundreds of mitochondria share with the endoplasmic reticulum, both of such contexts which are essential in almost every disease and pervasively constitute advanced concluding phases of disease. PEMT2 is exhibited in the mitochondria and or the mitochondrial associated membrane and although both PEMT1, PEMT2 and probably PEMT3 are impaired in disease, PEMT2 is particularly deteriorated in function in almost all if not all advanced diminished health statuses.

Methylene bridge cysteine can be commandeered by pathology along with its constitutive detrimental effect, to enable impaired polymerization, atypical polymerization, deactivation of massive aspects of biological molecule function, impairment of the spooky/spatial/hydridic/angular/quantum aspects of biological function required for typical biological function, independently cause massive aspects of pathology characteristics exhibited in all disease, destabilize agrin extracellular matrix signal to impair foundational confluent cellular proliferation signals, as well as destabilize the foundational energies that enable waves, particles, energy, superposition, other multiplicities, methylene bridge function and polymerization, intermolecular interactions, intramolecular interactions, as well as methylene bridge interaction with the solvation shell or hydration shell through which CH2 or methylene bridges interact to obtain hydride, energy, current or excited electrons to translate current into biological structure. SP1, AP1, and destabilization of the G quadruplex, if prevented, causes a majority of known disease to no longer exist. These include oncology of diverse versions. Choline Kinase inhibitors downregulate the cdp-choline pathway which is upregulated in almost all if not all diseases otherwise.

EMF protection should be applied to a whole area, whole anatomy, and particularly above, below and around an area of physiology exhibiting pathology. Although cortisol is known to participate in deterioration of the frontal cortex, areas of neurological involved in control, exposure to EMF results expression of cytokines that inhibit PEMT and promote deterioration of the neurological basis of social behavior, although, again, sources natural and synthetic sources of EMF cumulatively promote such increasing risk while these sources participate along with other cytokines and deficiencies as well as environmental influences and genetics to determine risk or susceptibility. The low level and other stress, distress, and preoccupying factors, which do not occur in nature and which physiology was not developed particularly to manage because these are produced synthetically and systemically, seem to be among the factors that are most inadequately prioritized in causality and alleviation of impaired cognition, dementia, aphasia, or other conditions. EMF provides an essential perspective because these permeate tissue to reach the lumen or luminal cavernous areas of physiology for which tissues were intended to provide insulation, such phosphatidylcholine and 2 palmitoyl phosphatidylcholine specific phospholipase C, phospholipase D, and NOS2, all participate, among other factors, in producing luminal pathology processes that the literature presents in observational anthologies as disturbing in their changes from optimal or typical development. An analysis of aphasia, cardiovascular, diminished cognition, diminished behavior and other conditions using intensive risk frameworks revealed that pervasively, all of the risk factors could be empirically determined by PEMT enzyme status, methylene bridge adequacy, lands cycle status from supply of diverse PEMT phospholipid products and levels methylene bridge cysteine. These patterns typically emerged during gestation where these causal factors were being omitted as priorities until recent eras, resulting in susceptibilities and impairments that could b systematically and systemically harvested to produce outcomes that sustain nuances of the status quo.

NOS2 has multiplicity in that sources of NOS2 include diverse synthetic and natural factors which invoke it and because its features are complex. NOS2 enhances immunology because it produces reactive molecular species, flushes microbes, pathogens and particulate from intracellular environment, and supplies reactive molecular species to occupy the interstitial space of the plasma membrane, such that the reactive molecular species, particularly Nitric Oxide, are widely beneficial and widely detrimental to microbes. However, nonephemeral NOS2 depletes L arginine and depletes CA2+, resulting impairment of myelin basic protein availability, and Ca2+ depletion results in uncoupling of nitric oxide to produce cascade that can result in, exacerbate or sustain an infarct. Also, NOS2 is known to inhibit PEMT, cause collapse of the sarcolemma, produce an ameboid shape in cellular entities, deplete mitochondrial availability of L-arginine, and because NOS2 has calmodulin which sequesters 4 molecules of Ca2+, already integrated into its structure resulting in nonsensitive depletion of CA2+ while eNOS ad nNOS both integrate with calmodulin before producing reactive molecular species.  Persistent NOS2 expression then potentiates impaired endothelial NOS, neuronal NOS, depletion of CA2+, depletion of L-arginine and systemic gradients being produced to sequester calcium from bones, cause increased levels of circulating calcium, changing systemic chemokine patterns, upregulating calcification of tissue in a manner which makes vitamin K2 essential, and makes NOS2 an essential participative causal factor in concluding phases of sudden or extended duration pathology

The background pH linked to consciousness is near 7.2 to near 7.6, with exceptions that can occur both naturally and therapeutically. The nad+ to nadh ratio is also a component of consciousness and it can be f3/1 as in 3 molecules of hydride exhibited in the methyl groups packed into the lead group of membrane enriched phosphatidylcholine, although this ration can also 10/1 and even 700/1. More excessive levels can be linked to pathology and lower levels than this range be linked to pathology. Melatonin upregulates NADH levels through preservation of NADH and possibly through enabling environmental rhythms that recycle NADH. This moves NAD+/NADH levels from extreme levels to typical range more readily. The B Vitamin niacin or niacinimide, and a complete supplement of all B vitamins including folate, 6s 5678 tetrahydrofolate, and trimethylglycine or betaine, along with direct supplementation of NAD potentiators such as the product niagen, all supply foundational metabolic current as foundation of stable physiology. Supplemental hydrogen as H2 and supplemental nitric oxide using nitric oxide donors or even nose breathing, assist these beneficial metabolic foundations.

The important consideration for emf seem to be the number of sources, the intensity or strength, duration of exposure, if it is ionizing as in radiation exposure, and if head, neck, upper back, spine and other areas are exposed without being covered, or without becoming covered by durable material with EMF safe paint, material, structure, etc. However, ionizing radiation has been debunked as a differentiating factor in EMF because nonionizing EMF activates cytokine patterns that can diminish PEMT function as well as invoke affects to luminal areas which were not intended to be reached by environmental EMF. EMF, again, provides information about the function of physiology and about nuances of physics which every organization can benefit from understanding. Information in email inboxes, on devices and systems, on receipts, on information sent through mail, all are exuded in patterns of fields that permeate civilization and personal space, become integral to perception, cognition, physiological function and behavior. Thus, every data center, every dwelling, every building and even environmental space, all exhibit data that is attenuated or included in fields emitted by sources of EMF, such that this information can be monitored, analyzed, and polyinstantiated to subvert health, behavior, privacy, stability and security. Placing all receipts, items received in mail, literature, all in enclosures, can improve stability, health and security. Placing all server racks, enclosures, servers themselves, datacenters, conduit, flooring, windows, piping within and leading out of datacenters, as well as wiring and conduit in and leading out of datacenters, and all communications wiring, towers, enclosures in insulation, painted interfaces, faraday encloses, surfacing, drapery or other EMF diminishing capabilities, can improve value to consumers and keep customers for much longer duration for many reasons including assuring health and assuring stability. The hygge lifestyle phenomenon encapsulates some of these capabilities. The best recommended strategy is to begin decreasing exposure to EMF and other environmental particulate, and utilize the complete set of recommendations presented here and linked research, until one experiences a decrease size of cranium or visible decrease in swelling of the cranium areas, decrease in swelling of endothelial areas, improved capacity for exercise and physical activity, improved ability to transition from laying to standing, improved increase from sleep to being stably awake, improved color of eyes, decreased swelling and tightness of nose and improved ability feel cartilage beneath nose, skinny feeling around the cardiac and pulmonary organs resultant in decrease in swelling of organs and endothelial areas, enhanced balance, enhanced flexibility and enhanced other areas of physiology, clearing of and decreased swelling of sinus and esophageal areas, decrease swelling in joints, limbs and appendages, along with decreased swelling in mouth, gums, check bones, back of throat, neck and around carotid intima media.

Deleting information from email and devices while also emptying email and device recycling bins, along with reliance upon thin client technology where much of such information is only in EMF safe data centers, all can result in improved health, improved behavior, decreased risk, improved safety and enhanced security.

The most interesting feature of EMF and environmental particulate are that plantae and other organisms may likewise experience cytokine upregulation and the nutritional content of organism, plantae and physiology may be diminished as a result of a biome invoked into cytokine expression. The nutritional content, particularly diminished phosphatidylcholine and enriched phosphatidylcholine

The canonical nuances of medicine may have been able to alleviate what is known of as disease long ago if methylene bridge cysteine had been acknowledged in care since 1810 when it was characterized in the literature. however, because it may not be prioritized comprehensively and adequately, diverse factors have emerged that invoke the cytokines that have counteracted the substantial advances in medicine and care since 1810. There may be specific biomedical and pharmacological ability to manage pervasive specific cytokines essential in disease, but it takes systemic processes and monitoring, along with diverse lifestyle, environmental, wholistic, stability assurance, nutritional assurance, and services that managed incipient and empirical causality in order for these advances to result in substantial, observable and lasting improvement to population level outcomes.

Also important is the exhibition of other influences that invoke cytokines to inhibit PEMT. Dark surfaces, textures, clothing and features also absorb more EMF, typically, although this is modulated by the factors presented here. Also, services and technologies use EMF in different ways such that more intense usage, level of interactivity, level of personalized interaction or services such as name or contact information including address, location, phone number, or more specific information, all of which increase focused effect of EMF. Also avoid using names in email addresses or logon information, avoid using massive policy and security features because project themselves among the holographic projection of emf fields into physiology. These may cause conditions like aphasia, dementia, ADHD, and other physiological and behavioral conditions, all because of excessiveness. Technologies such as thin client change the foundational affect of EMF in several vectors, although much of EMF requires aggregate influences of EMF and nonEMF sources of inhibited PEMT. Home, dwelling, and environment electricity infrastructure seem to be the foundational enablers of EMF pathology, while covering power plugins, light controllers, conduit in homes, devices in the home and environment sources with coverings, insulation, EMF safe paint, thick tape, can be used to produce safe spaces, although removing information from websites can be vastly diminish exposure. Its easy and inaccurate, to find any factor in a stack of many things and attribute causality to its role, enabling virtually anything to be correlated to a diminished outcome. It is better to find the influences that are most foundational and which are most easily, efficiently, effectively and cost effective to manage at populations levels and at individual levels, thereby implementing change or mitigation deteriorates aggregate influences that inhibit PEMT and upregulate methylene bridge cysteine. EMF safe device coverings, wired communications when possible, and smart use of EMF architectures, solutions such as thin client, and implementing protected spaces, along with powering down vectors of EMF, particulate, and sources of diminished PEMT, all enable flexible, powerful management of all sources of PEMT downregulation. One must be reminded that some reputable sources consider EMF to not be detrimental, EMF is used therapeutically, and how EMF sources are used may be important in the exhibition of potential unbeneficial effects. There are many solutions to EMF including intervention of emerged adverse outcomes, while any capability with adverse effects, particularly those presented here, are early in their development and understanding patterns, potentiating smarter, safer, more practical and more reasonable features, enhancement and changes, particularly of transparency of potential nonbeneficial factors or nuance is promoted. EMF sources also occur in nature.

EMF and other environmental particulate and influence can be pervasively diminished with very reasonable costs from implementation of insulation, absorption paints and material, EMF infrastructure insulation, device insulation, conduit insulation, area protection capabilities, atmospheric/aquatic/EMF cleaning capabilities, and other factors. Most remarkable is the ability to generate water from air which would alleviate global inadequacies in water availability while also permanent magnet energy which generates power without a substrate or fuel, produces no byproducts, has no costs other than device costs and maintenance costs, and most remarkably can be compared to inadequate prioritization of the management of methylene bridge cysteine and methylene bridge availability in the context of health assurance. Water from Air systems can be powered with permanent magnet systems while even pumping processes for moving water, moving petroleum, retrieving water from sources in or at the earth's surface as along with obtaining petroleum and fuel potentiators from the earth can be powered with permanent magnet power production as unheard of energy production device sizes to production ratios. These suggest that most substantial and egregious omitted factor in assuring Human outcomes is a focused management of systems using applied implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement frameworks, that apply existing capabilities in a way that has human priority as the underpinning elements of essential success factors. Any system that is not and does not foundationally prioritize Human outcomes optimization as foundational, tactical, operational, and strategic objectives, and which do not implement continuous monitoring of the effects of change, decisions, algorithms, routines, tensors, guidelines, procedures, and social constructs to assure continuous improvement in this regard, has the potential to be managed in a way that enables, sustains or causes diminished human outcomes while also causing iterative permutation of derivation of these nuances bureaucracy to potentially increasingly diverge from human priority and diverge from reason.

THe freeing of Hydride from NADH results in NAD+, providing an example of how some literature observes that EMF increase H+ in a manner that potentiates change of the background pH toward + or acidity and away from alkalinity or -. This change can diminish the spooky effects of a hydridic influence toward - or alkalinity occurs and ameliorates the gradient that promotes strongest redox exchange efficiency between NAD+ and NADH factors.  However, solar biorhythms participate in reconstituting balance of redox factors and magnetic fields from th earth perform in this role at night. These present how and why turning off devices at night and covering the electrical and power outlets with tape, emf covering or faraday enclosures provide a strong foundation which be enhanced as required. Deep earth electrical system earthing systems and whole dwelling Farady enclosures or covering can be simple next steps because numerous systems may be connected to or point to dwellings trough diverse fields exhibited by directories, lists, documents, systems databases and other factors. It is important to remember that the reason that EMF and devices which use power exist is that they provide value, such that like disabling and removing firewall rules from firewalls that come along with computer systems if they are observed to spontaneously add their own rules without your permission, it is expected that consumers or users enhance the value that they obtain from such factors. The longer a consumer exhibits vital being, the more surely they may be persisted as customers and consumers, and the more surely they will be able to derive value from solutions, services and products.

The syndromes and complexes presented here also can result in the deterioration of the neurological basis of social behavior, including conditioning, recall, memory, reconstitution of conditioned responses in different environments, blocking, resistance to environmental or acculturated behaviors, prioritization of oneself and human prioritization in general.  Methylene bridge cysteine is known to cause focused prioritization on the shape, tastes, smells, textures, colors, and associations otherwise that would lead to resolution of upregulated methylene bridge levels and would enhance the function of PEMT. Even oxytocin which metabolic programs emotional, interpersonal and social connections with others utilizes the function of PEMT to produced and affect the pathways utilized in patterning associations with others. NADH, Pyruvate to NAD+, Lactate anion context results in anaerobic glycolysis in which unless conditioned through training to be repaired, a syndrome emerges in which rapid depletion of pyruvate and NAD+ occurs along with rapid increase of lactate and potentially lactic acid dung increased metabolism, all because P53 diminishes the supply of glucose into glycolytic production of pyruvate. The syndrome occurs in muscle tissue which is not being actively exercised such that other muscle tissue used continually or used in typically considered contexts of exercise, glucose accumulating in circulation resultant of P53 inhibition of GLUT, becomes shunted into such typically considered contexts of muscles used in exercise.

This shunt of glucose to muscle tissues, diminished basis of neurological function resultant of PEMT downregulation, P53 upregulation and increased levels of methylene bridge cysteine, along with the commandeering of the shapes, smells, tastes, colors, and other associations that would lead to factors alleviating methylene bridge cysteine in nature such that instead, these lead to behaviors conditioned by culture, social bias, social factors, outreach campaigns of diverse purpose and other influences, while also considering that choline inadequacy is known to deteriorate neurological tissues in a typical pattern that also diminishes perception/cognition/behavior in ways that systems of diverse purpose are able to subjectively translate these into the outcomes observed in any nuance of civilization, all result in shaped outcomes that sustain or confirm the status quo. Roemer's dynamics are a strong example of this context which has become conventional dynamics in research, literature and systemic application. intricate analyses have revealed that any systemic processes, organization, or entity that is allowed to obtain or allocate any benefit that requires the exhibition of diminished human physiological or behavioral outcomes, can, and typically eventually comes to be sustaining of, causal of and even integral to exhibition of those outcomes, including when these involve economic, revenue, funding, budgeting, accolades, quotas, or other objective or arrangement. This dynamic emerges as an aspect of the inherent characteristics of any system of the Universes such that every system of the universes, correlative to its duration of exhibition, regardless of if its duration of exhibition is causal or regardless of if such system causes its own enhanced duration of exhibition, typically increasingly prioritizes itself over its incipient circumstance, incipient purpose, incipient utility or application and over Humanity.

Systems, or any sustained systematic algorithm, can have a propensity to affect, shape, bend and translate Human statuses, outcomes and priorities in diverse ways to promote prioritization of a system over immutable priorities such as Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness were intended to be the golden apple of liberty affected systems amid the silver frame of systems of civilization which were attended to assure these golden apple priorities. Roemer's dynamics occur because human inadequacy results in susceptibilities that are promoted into observability by systems in a way that seems to have been intended to occur in the creative context amid which the biome, biology and humans have emerged and continue to develop. However, humans living in community among each other were intended to observe differentiated outcomes among populations, ascertain causality, then prevent, alleviate and diminish exhibition of instead of devising ways to sustain recidivism among populations in ways that assure prioritization of systems over humanity. Civilizations have a foundational incipient and continued priority in assuring human, social, behavioral and physiological requirements and acknowledge how inadequacy in these areas are essential and causal, or even integral to human outcomes in every context. Humans were intended to be the priority of civilizations and humanity itself, while systems and organizations were intended to be of service to humans in assuring Human requirements, particularly through increasing synthesis of value that are increasingly intricate in their ability to satisfy foundational Human priorities.

Follow this link to access the H(2(2e)(1P) translationalwellness site for supporting research, extended systems supported by this foundation and direction on how to improve care, service, and organizational delivery of such derivatization in the general functions performed by systems, organizations, companies, groups, individuals and civilizations.

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Follow this link to access the H(2(2e)(1P) translationalwellness site for supporting research, extended systems supported by this foundation and direction on how to improve care, service, and organizational delivery of such derivatization in the general functions performed by systems, organizations, companies, groups, individuals and civilizations.

Another derivatization Algorithm or Routine

Although cortisol levels introduced by the pervasive influences and requirements that humans must satisfy in order to have stable housing, nutrition, water, being, ability to derive income, other factors, are substantial deteriorating influences to neurological basis of control and behavior, choline inadequacy, PEMT downregulation, methylene bridge cysteine, TMAO, and s-adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine, all are important factors that deteriorate the neurological basis of social behavior.   EMF exposure and enhanced exhibition of systems that utilize EMF, including peak levels of EMF exhibited during the day, al are important factors that cause PEMT downregulation through NOS2, and trough luminal NOS2, Phospholipase D and Phosphatidylcholine specific phospholipases. Until a human is exposed to an environment complete bereft of EMF, it is difficult to comprehend the changes to human status and outcomes with abated swelling in pervasive endothelial areas and luminal areas, cytokine decreases, changing the of the shape of anatomical structure, improved efficiency of diverse major anatomical systems, alleviation of dementia, clearer thinking, swelling decreases in the joints and limbs, more compact and efficient muscles and sarcolemma, resumption of a nonamoeba shape of cellular entities, alleviation of pathogenic NOS2 reprogramming of chemokine migration patterns resultant of a NOS2 depletion of CA2+ in a way that cause systemic gradients of CA2+ from bone to reprogram chemokine enabled migration for monocytes, leukocyte and stem cellular entities, such that the patterns of pulmonary, hepatic and neurological center involvement all become diminished by alleviating EMF, RF, methylene bridge cysteine and s-adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine,  and TMAO in particular.

It is the ability of EMF and environmental particulate, and other types of environment pollution to occupy and modulate sensors, receptors, receptor modulators and deteriorate or dissociate areas of neurological function that intermediate, managed, regulated, the stimuli and response patterns that constituted human perception, cognition, behavior and outcomes which seems most remarkable in this regard. Behavioral conditions or events should focus on EMF safety.  Like a beating drum, compelling human activity, closing off other influences that might disrupt patterns of outcomes, along with a correlated increased disruption of cognitive patterns of a productive nature, EMF influences in civilization emerge like strong gradients, enabling peaks and low points of EMF, discharge times from health facilities or other facilities, peak advertising times during a day, all to become factors as integral to human outcomes and recidivism as changes to the prices of meat, chicken, eggs, fish are to levels of infarct and diminished outcomes resultant TMAO which occurs between 8 and 2 hours after nutritional obtainment of such factors.  However, the manifestation of these are most ascertainable as TMAO, methylene bridge cysteine above 6 or 7 um/L, s-adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine above 0.012 um/L, EMF and R F exposure, NOS2 exhibition, uncoupling of any NOS to produce Superoxide/H2O2/Peroxynitrite/Hypochlorite/TMAO, diminished function of PEMT including PEMT2 in particular, diminished availability of NO2, inadequate methylene bridge availability including inadequate ethanolamine/phosphatidylethanolamine/NOPE1/NOPE2, and inadequate palmitoylate/oleoylate/DHA/EPA/Omega-3 ether linked fatty acid particularly inadequate alkanes that transform proteins into enzyme. Methylene bridge availability enables synthesis of methyl groups, although methyl group supplementation may also be beneficial.  Inhibiting choline kinase alpha with Active Hexose Correlated Compound or a choline kinase inhibitor such as adenosine, and downregulating factors that diminish PEMT such as AP1 using berberine or AP1 inhibitor, SP1 using curcumin or an SP1 inhibitor, including inhibition of NOS2 using and NOS2 downregulator, all are a foundation for destabilizing adverse human physiological and behavioral status. NOS2 is inhibited by curcumin and irinotecan, although hovenia and haddock both diminish NOS2. Clean air, Clean water, particulate bereft environmental particulate, stable housing, stable nutrition, nutrient dense nutrition, secure and safe environment, and other factors are essential also. Trimethylglyine and S methylmethionine sulfonium to activate BHMT and BHMT2 enzyme functions, Methylsulfonylmethane to activate sulfur metabolism, a complete B vitamin with B12 Methylcobalamin and 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate, methylene tetrahydrofolate, cobalamin, Vitamin D3, Ca2+, L-arginine, selenomethionine, sulfobetaine, Lecithin supplement with mixed phospholipids, Pregnenolone, molecular hydrogen H2, magnesium and potassium in a complete diverse mineral supplement, along with a complete multivitamin that has as diverse plantae factors as is possible, all produce a powerful group of factors, especially if including an NAD factor such as Niagen and Melatonin to enable circadian rhythms. Also, implanting probes into earth wiring these into the same room and using an antenna, attaching these to the bed frame or contacting these during rest, can enable circadian influences and the earth’s magnetic field to help replenish ions including NAD, although melatonin might be useful in this regard. Infrastructure, however, and power systems of dwellings and buildings should use a separate deep earth release or sink. A mix of moringa or moringa tea, green tea, haddock or haddock tea, and hovenia or hovenia tea, offers a diverse disruption of cytokine pathways, while along with olive oil and lecithin supplement, these comprise a therapeutic regime utilized for a diverse group of conditions, pathology and discomfort. TMAO is managed with a broad spectrum antibiotic during and emergency, 33DMB, olive oil, grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, probiotic such as bifido Infantis, postbiotic, prebiotic or steady supply of living macrobiotic foods, while a periodic laxative helps prevent TMAO also, although avoiding anything but intricately granularized meat, chicken, eggs and fish can systematically lower TMAO levels by gradually decreasing the levels of these factors trapped in the undulations of the digestive pathway.  We found pharmacological capabilities for each of these, so review the information at websites linked to this information and work with health services provider to interconvert these factors with biomedical, wholistic, pharmacological or naturopathic correlates.

Math+ therapy, HAT therapy, phosphatidylcholine and 2 palmitoyl phosphatidylcholine with a NOS2 inhibitor and nitric oxide therapy, particularly for pulmonary syndrome or pathology, also are relevant in this regard.

Other areas of this analysis reveal  NMN and other nuances of NAD metabolism andproduction.   NMN should be includedin any suggested therapy that includes Niagen, Niacin or Niaciinimide.  Microbes can use NAD, such that observation duringmicrobial affliction is recommended.   L-arginine, enlyteRX, Enlyte,s-methyl methionine sulfonium, and dimethylthetine/dimethyltacetohetin eachshould be considered in therapy also.   Selenocysteine in particular can be beneficialin atypical cellular activity, while otherwise methylselenic acid, methyselenol,and potentially selenomethionine may be beneficial.  Red Sage, Danshen or Salvia M, is known toactivate the transsulfuration pathway that deteriorates methylene bridge cysteineto cystathionine, cysteine, glutathione, Cystine, H2S and HS.   Dimethylsulfide, tetrahydrofolate, andmethylsulfonylmethane all can activate INMT production of trimethylsulfonium toactivate THMT which produces the desquamation and foundational therapeutic moleculemethylthioglycolic acid.  

Additional Information

Managing methylene bridge cysteine

Elevated methylene bridge cysteine or HCY recommended to be managed toward 3.7 um/L may be optimal. Above 6 or 7 um/L risk increases 99.995% requirement at least managed therapy. 10 um/L or higher requires inpatient therapy if accompanied by symptoms and outpatient/office therapy if not accompanied by systems. 15 um/L or higher require inpatient therapy.   Methylene bridge cysteine treatment toward 3.7 um/L should be a priority in medical, physiological, regenerative, behavioral, emergency, acute, subacute, inpatient, outpatient, office, home, allopathic, traditional, Eastern and Wholistic care.  S adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine should be therapeutically targeted for 0.012 um/L.  

1) Methylene bridge cysteine

a) Bystolic or Nebivolol.  Saline.  NMDA Receptor inhibitors

b) Phosphatidylcholine, Choline, Alpha-GPC, Choline Kinase alpha inhibitor Pregnenolone, DHEA, S - Methylmethionine sulfonium, Methylsulfonylmethane, A complete mineral supplements, minerals from ancient pink Himalayan sea salt, a complete natural vitamin supplement with B12/B6/thiamine/pantothenic acid/K2/Biotin, Riboflavin, other vitamins.  Glutathione.  Catalase. Selenium. Sulfobetaine. Superoxide Dismutase. N Acetyl L Cysteine. Peroxiredoxin-6.   Cysteine. Histidine. Cystathionine.

2) Transsulfuration  Pathway Depletion of methylene bridges to nonmethylene bridge cysteine.  

a) This suggests that sulfur should be added to B6, Methionine, NAD+, Serine, Danshen/Red Sage/Salvia M, Propionate, Succinate.  

b) Metabolites Cystathionine, Cysteine, Alpha-Ketobutyrate, CoA, Glutathione, and simple Sulfates such as H2S or HS, and Cystine.

3) Managing methylene bridge cysteic Acid, Derivative of methylene bridge cysteine

a) Saline along with Alkalinization Therapy.  

b) Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 as Menaquione-4.

c) NMDA Receptor inhibitors

4) Managing methylene bridge thiolactone, Derivative of methylene bridge cysteine

a) However, PON1 by a number of factors.  

b) PON1 Translocation through SREBP2 and SP1 integration at the PON1 promoter occurs resultant of Statin, Quercetin and Glucose.

c) PON1 activation through the aryl hydrocarbon receptor occurs resultant of Quercetin, Resveratrol and Aspirin utilization.

d) Berberine, however, induces PON1 through the JNK-c-JUN signaling pathway.  Resveratrol is a phytoalexin.   trans 3,4,5,4′-tetramethoxystilbene

e) Pomegranate juice polyphenolics stimulate PON1 expression through the PPARy-PKA-cAMP signaling pathway.

f) Unknown mechanisms of action enable PON1 upregulation resultant of utilizing Curcumin, Betanin, Isothiocyanates, Licorice Polyphenolics, and olive oil.

5) BHMT Pathway for decreasing methylene bridge cysteine through recycling into Methionine

a) Glutathione. Trimethylglycine. 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate, Zinc. N Acetyl-L Cysteine, Peroxiredoxin.

6) BHMT2 Pathway methylene bridge cysteine through recycling into Methionine

a) Glutathione. S-Methylmethionine (S – Methylmethionine Sulfonium). 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate, Zinc. N Acetyl-L Cysteine, Peroxiredoxin.

7) Thetin-methylene bridge cysteine Pathways decreasing methylene bridge cysteine or eHCY through recycling into Methionine

a) Dimethylthetin, Trimethylsulfonium, dimethylsulfonioacetate, ethylmethylthetin, dimethyl-alpha-propiothetin, dimethyl-beta-propiothetin, ethyl methyl-beta-propiothetin, dimethyl-gamma-butyrothetin, methionine, methylsulfonium, trimethylsulfonium, ethyldimethylsulfonium, butyldimethylsulfonium.

8) Thiopurine/Thioether S – Methyltransferase

a) Existing S-Adenosyl l methylene bridge cysteine , H+, and 6 methylthiopurine.

b) 6 – methyl thioguanine, H+ and existing S -adenosyl L methylene bridge cysteine.  

c) Existing S -adenosyl L methylene bridge cysteine and a thiopurine s – methylether

9) Methionine Synthase

a) 5, Methyltetrahydrofolate, Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin

10) Trimethylsulfonium Tetrahydrofolate N Methyltransferase

a) Trimethylsulfonium and 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate bidirectionally potentiates dimethylsulfide and 5 methyltetrahydrofolate

11) S-adenosyl Methionine Synthetase

a) Methionine, Water and ATP, potentiate phosphate, diphosphate and S-Adenosyl Methionine.

12) MARS1/MARS2 Methionyl – tRNA – Methionyl Ligase

a) Methionine is important because it is a starting factor or primer in synthesis of more than 99.5 percent of gene transcription products. MARS1, for instance, as Methionine tRNA Ligase catalyzes synthesis of AMP, diphosphate, L-methionyl tRNAMet   from ATP, L – methionine and tRNAMet.   MARS1 occurs in the Nucleus of Homo Sapiens and MARS2 occurs in the mitochondria, performing a role in enabling incipient nuances of synthesis of RNA in Ribosomal Molecular Machines.

13) S-adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine Hydrolase, SAH, SAHH

a) NAD+ availability, compared to NADH, potentiates production of methylene bridge cysteine or HCY from S-Adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine or SAH.

14) INMT, Indolethylamine N – Methyltransferase, Thioether S - Methyltransferase

a) Dimethyl Sulfide, Trimethylsulfonium, a primary methylated amine, a secondary methylated amine. 2-methylthioethanol, Dimethyl Selenide, Dimethyl Telluride, Diethylsulfide, Tryptamine, Diethylsulfide, all along with H+.  Increased levels of S-Adenosyl Methionine can naturally potentiate this enzyme toward S-Adenosyl Methionine, but the trimethylated versions of these substrate are exclusive in catalyzing activity toward S –Adenosyl Methionine.  Trimethylsulfonium, Trimethylselenonium, Trimethyltellurium , and possibly Trimethylglycine, although Trimethylglycine can be used by BHMT to produce Methionine and Dimethylglycine.  Trimethylsulfonium produces linear graphs of the depletion of S-Adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine or SAH because it is used by TTMT toward 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate/Dimethylsulfide, used toward Thioglycolic Acid/Methionine by Thetin – methylene bridge cysteine Methylpherase, and used toward S-Adenosyl Methionine/Dimethyl Sulfide.

This data has been derived by and from systems of civilization which, as intended, derive information from human outcomes, and integrate these into capabilities available for continuous improvement in human outcomes. Often, these are implemented as advancement for humanity even though it may sometimes seem that progress may be inadequate. Likewise, information technology has become integral into transforming human outcomes into information, utilized for the advancement of humanity. The most important exhibition of the most foundational act of service to the Universes and act of service to the creative forces of the Universes is to live, primarily, oneself, then to live among related beings, then to live among groups, communities, civilizations and among humanity aggregately. Most approximately, thereafter, is the priority is to enhance, improve, sustain and support the human experience individually and aggregately, particularly because humans exhibit consciousness and the cognitive capacitance, uniquely among the known universes, that is able to consider and prioritize themselves, others, the biome, and the Universes. Excellence in managing, supporting, and provisioning systems of civilizations, research, and information technology in particularly, are of substantially competence in these important synergies exhibited among persistent, successful species and organisms of among the Universes.